Wine Cellar Refrigeration, Repair & Installation Services Orange County CA

Wine Cellar Service, Repair, & Equipment Installation

Don’t let your beautiful collection of wine deteriorate under less-than-ideal conditions. Make sure it ages properly in a stable environment, where you can store it safely to preserve your wine’s complex taste and fragrance. With the help of Infinity Air, you can enjoy all the rich benefits of state-of-the-art wine cooling solutions for every cellar and budget.

We provide a range of equipment installation, service, and repair for all of your wine cellar needs. From innovative wall units and split systems to self-contained systems and more, our team will take care of your wine cellar with professionalism and expertise.

Quick and Reliable Diagnostics and Repair

Wine cellar equipment is composed of many complex parts that are susceptible to a number of issues while they’re in use. They may stop working suddenly, or start breaking down over time – and often, there are multiple reasons that require a delicate touch to untangle and ultimately resolve. Maintenance and repairs must be done by a qualified specialist, or your valuable wine collection will be at risk.

Make sure you get only the best for your wine cellar! Our equipment is well-tested and manufactured by experts you can trust. The units we offer will monitor and control both the humidity and temperature in your wine cellar, so that you can rest easy that your collection is well taken care of.

What to Expect

As leading industry experts in wine cellar HVAC and equipment, Infinity Air has years of experience helping Californians with their project needs. It’s our passion to provide innovative cooling solutions and equipment for your property, from equipment installation to maintenance and repair! You can trust our team of licensed and trained professionals to serve you and your wine cellar from start to finish.

To get started with our wine cellar solutions today, call (714) 622-5844 or click here to request a quote now.

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