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The Best Commercial Ice Machine Repair Experts

Nothing beats having the best hands handling the repairs of your commercial ice machines and equipment. That is why at Infinity Air HVAC, we prioritize providing you with quality, and professional repairs services to put your commercial ice machine back on track and keep your business running.

If you run a business such as a restaurant, hotel, club, bar, gas station, liquor store or sports club commercial ice machines are an important component of your business as it ensures your customers keep getting refreshing ice-cold drinks from you. At Infinity Air HVAC, we understand the importance of having a perfectly functioning commercial ice machine; that’s why we offer the best premium commercial ice machine repairs and solutions.


Repair Experts You Can Trust

With 35 years of experience rendering top-quality services to hundreds of customers, you can rest assured that our professional and qualified technicians will get your ice machines up and running in no time. Having your ice machine repairs carried out by experienced professional such as Infinity Air HVAC will certainly give you result that distinctly differs from when an amateur handles it.


Efficient Ice Machine Repairs Services In Orange County And surrounding areas

We provide top-quality and exemplary ice machine and refrigerators repairs and other services to residents of Orange Country and its environs. Explore our services below.

Ice Machine Repairs

Ice machines work for long periods, generating ice cubes or keeping drinks and other items iced or frozen. The complexity involved in working consistently over long periods may make your ice machines develop occasional breakdowns. We provide top-notch repair services for all brands of commercial ice machines and refrigerators and ensure all issues are properly fixed to get your machines up and running again.

Ice Machine Maintenance

All commercial ice machines need regular maintenance to ensure they keep performing optimally and potential problems are ironed out before they become full-blown. This ensures that you save time and money on repairs or the purchase of new equipment. Our maintenance services cover removing and replacing water filters, inspection and control of the electrical connection, condenser and evaporator cleaning, clearing drain lines or debris and build-up, etc. 


Ice Machine Installation

If you are planning on purchasing a new ice machine or you’ve already purchased one, and you need competent hands to help you with its installation, you can absolutely count on us at Infinity Air HVAC. Our professional and well-trained technicians will ensure a proper and efficient installation that keeps your machine working optimally for a long time.


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