AC Tune-Up

AC tune-up

Do you want to extend the lifespan of your AC tune-up and save money on your utility bills? Most consumers don’t think their system needs tune-up, but getting an annual AC maintenance can pay back in the long run.

Benefits of Regular AC and Heater Tune-Ups

When it comes to AC tune-up, many homeowners think that if it is working don’t touch it! Nevertheless, having a regular AC tune-up have many benefits:

Some of the benefits of regularly adjusting the air-conditioners are:

  • Better efficiency of your AC system
  • Extended life of your AC equipment
  • General improvements in indoor air quality
  • Reduced chance of future problems/need for repairs

By performing a routine evaluation of AC, Infinity Air technicians can fix minor issues before they have a chance to develop into much more prominent and costlier problems. We also offer to maximize your air conditioner’s efficiency and power, keeping you more comfortable throughout the year.

What to Expect

Having your AC serviced annually can often help you overcome any problems before they happen. Planning a regular AC overhauling can also keep your system running as efficiently as possible, saving you money on your home’s utility bills. We offer AC and heater tune-up in Orange county and surrounding areas.

HVAC Tune up

What’s included in our AC Tune-up service?

Servicing an air conditioner involves a thorough inspection of the critical components of your cooling system. An Infinity AC Tune-up includes the following points:

  • Assessment of all controls
  • Bleach the condensate channels
  • Check the refrigerant charge.
  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Clean the contactors
  • Examine starting and run capacitors and relays
  • Examine the evaporator coil
  • Examine the fan motor and belt
  • Inspection and replacement of the air filter if required
  • Quantify motor voltage and current
  • Test the temperature drop and adjust the fan speed
  • Tighten electrical connections

During the tune-up of AC, a technician will also identify any issues with your system that need to be repaired. We discuss our findings with you and recommend any necessary repairs that improve your cooling system performance and energy efficiency.

When should I get my AC tuned-up?

Never had an AC tune-up? By planning before the hot weather hits, we can spot problems early and prepare you for the hot summer season. This will help you avoid breakdowns on the warmest days of the season and the inconvenience of waiting for repairs. 

We service all make and models, our tune-up services keep your air conditioner unit running at its best for the next few months. Contact us to receive your annual HVAC system tune-up and service that help you save when you need heating and cooling facilities.